If you are looking for some romantic getaways in Delhi, then this is the blog for you! The city is, believe it or not, a hotspot for romantics. Delhi offers a plethora of romantic locales for those bitten by the love bug. Several marketplaces, cafés, monuments, and parks can be found in Delhi for couples to visit. As a result, it’s not uncommon to witness a swarm of lovebirds flocking to these romantic spots.

Delhi has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, a peace activist, or just looking for a good time. The capital city offers several opportunities to wow your special someone, from the city’s retail districts to its culinary markets. Here are the most romantic spots in Delhi for lovers if you’re looking to arrange the ideal date!

 Buddha Garden

Buddha Garden

One of the most popular romantic getaways in Delhi is visiting the Buddha Garden. Even though it’s in a remote location and there have been rumors of infamous occurrences occurring here, the love-struck Bravehearts manage to locate a snug little nook in the park. The park’s beautifully groomed grass, streams, and undulating topography draw so many visitors to Delhi, the capital city. In addition, it’s a great location for pre-wedding shoots in Delhi NCR, so this is pretty much one of the best places for a date. 

It is located in New Delhi’s Dhaula Kuan neighborhood and is nine kilometers from the city center.

How to get there: The Delhi Airport Express Line stops at Dhaula Kuan, the closest metro station.

Parthasarathy Rocks

Parthasarathy Rock

In the JNU Campus, you’ll find the open-air theater of Parthasarathy Rock, where you can see the city’s most beautiful sunset while taking in the surrounding stillness. The Parthasarathy Rocks, affectionately referred to as PSR by the university students, are surrounded by several rocky slopes and fissures. It’s a great area to get away from the city’s commotion and bustle and one of Delhi’s most romantic spots.

It is located in Lodhi estates and is thirty kilometers from the city center.

How to get there: RK Puram metro station is the closest place to get there. However, to go to the JNU campus, where the rocks are, take a cab from here.

Connaught Place

cannought place

Connaught Place is famous for its white colonial-style buildings. Even though Connaught Site is a crowded area, it may still be a great place to meet up with a loved one in Delhi. There are many fun activities to do here with your date, like window shopping, dining out, relaxing in Central Park, and strolling around the streets. New Year’s is the best time to visit Connaught Place since the area is decked up in lights and there’s a festive atmosphere.

It is located eight kilometers from the city center. (romantic getaways in Delhi)

How to get there: The closest metro station to Connaught Place is Rajeev Chowk.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Parthasarathy Rocks

There are more than 100 ancient sites at the Mehrauli Archeological Park, which is a two-minute walk from the Qutub Minar. Remains such as Rajon Ki Baoli and Lal Kot Fort are among the most cherished. In Mehrauli, the park has an area of 200 acres. The history of this park may be seen by walking around the park’s pavements, which reveal several secrets. While in Delhi, couples should not miss taking a walk around its lush gardens. After all, it’s one of the best romantic getaways in Delhi.

It is present in New Delhi’s Mehrauli district, Anuvrat Marg, and is twenty-nine kilometers away from the city’s center

How to get there: Chhatarpur and the Qutub Minar are both situated in the Mehrauli area close to Mehrauli. Alternatively, you might take a taxi or a car to the archaeological site from one of the two stations.

World of wonder | romantic getaways in Delhi

World of Wonder is one of the top amusement parks in the NCR and one of the most romantic spots in Noida. This is one of the best spots for romantic getaways in Delhi with your significant other. Couples seeking an exciting and romantic experience in Delhi NCR might choose this park, which offers a variety of activities, including Go Karting, paintball, and air hockey. romantic getaways in Delhi This location is suitable for individuals seeking a weekend retreat. (romantic getaways in Delhi)

It is located twenty kilometers away from the city center. 

How to get there: The closest metro stations to Worlds of Wonder are Noida Sector 18 and Botanical Gardens.


Sevilla is one of the best date night joints in Delhi. Decorated in Spanish style, this upscale patio restaurant serves mouthwatering food. Cuisines from Morocco and Southern Europe may be found on the menu here. Couples looking for a romantic date will find the location ideal.

It is located fifteen kilometers away from the city center. 

How to get there: Race Course metro station is the closest to Aurangzeb Road. To travel to The Claridges, you might alternatively get a taxi.

Ice Lounge

Ice Lounge is one of Delhi’s top summer hangouts for couples, and it’s a great location to chill down with your loved one. Everything in the lounge, including the sculptures, is ice, and the temperature is below zero. To keep you warm, you’re handed a bulky jacket.

It is located in Saket and is twenty-eight kilometers away from the city’s core.

How to get there: Saket metro station is the most convenient. This location may be reached via vehicle or rickshaw from the train station.

There you have it! These are the top seven hangout places for the most romantic getaways with your significant other.

So, this was it for Delhi (for not). In another of my blogs, I have written about the 9 Best Romantic Places to Visit in Delhi and the 11 Best Things to do in Jaipur! Do check it out.

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What is the best time to visit Delhi?

The ideal time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. 

How much time does it take to reach Delhi from Mumbai via road

It takes approximately 24 hours minus the halts in between. 

What is the hottest month in Delhi?

The hottest month in Delhi is May when it reaches 45 °C or even higher.

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