My Top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai!

by | Feb 25, 2020

Mumbai is known for lots of  things but its nightlife is one that makes it popular not just nationally but internationally too. Now, of course night life is about a lot of fun and drinks but what is a drink if it is not accompanied by some finger licking food! Well, needless to say, the restaurants in Mumbai make Mumbai what it is.

Anyway, as someone who has been in this gorgeous city since forever and also happens to be a globetrotting extrovert foodie, I can safely say that I have covered most of the good restaurants in Mumbai.

Here I would love to share with you my 10 top favourite and also by far the Best restaurants in Mumbai that you simply cannot miss out on!

1. Aer Lounge

Imagine sipping on your favourite cocktail in a lounge that soars above any other, has a view of the ocean and the setting sun in the background – nothing can possibly get better than this, right. And while you may have guessed it already as to why I wrote what I wrote, it is not for nothing that Aer Lounge is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai .The food here is delectable and the service to reckon with.

The awesome Aer Lounge at dusk in Mumbai

The awesome Aer Lounge at dusk

2. Dome

Yet another haven that is sure to leave you in awe, with a combination of a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and an exquisite fare of sophisticated and subtle cuisine. Open-air, candlelit, great music, an awesome crowd, a swimming pool and a breathtaking view – could anyone ask for more in a restaurant. Needless to suggest that you get there at dusk or early enough to catch the sunset and then party on! This is by far one of the most romantic and best places for dinner or a sundowner..

The most romantic restaurant in Mumbai Dome

The most romantic restaurant in Mumbai Dome

3. Soho House Mumbai

Originated in London, Soho House has houses all over the world practically. Yes, ‘Houses’ – these are large houses, manors, mansions converted into creating homes away from homes for travellers and visitors. In Mumbai, it’s a sea-facing property turned into luxurious rooms, workspaces, studio and sought after restaurants and a bar. They have it all, healthy, working lunches, dinners, small bites and a very interesting and premium wine list. Their Italian restaurant, Cecconi has really good A La Carte food and one of my favourites is their lobster spaghetti. It’s two thumbs up from me.

Love the ambience in Soho House Mumbai

Love the ambience in Soho House Mumbai

4. Oh! Calcutta

Now, once you are born into a Bengali household, it’s impossible to not become a food lover. Bengalis are known for their affinity towards, art, travel and most importantly food. While a lot of ‘bongs’ have very eclectic taste buds, others light up like a christmas tree at the slight sight and smell of traditional Bengali cuisines, every single time! I for one happen to be the latter kind and so far there hasn’t been a better restaurant serving bengali food than Oh! Calcutta. Their ‘hilsas’ are always lip smacking delicious. Some of my favourites from their menu are: Luchi and Cholar Dal, Kosha Maangsho, Bhapa Ilish, Daab Chingri, Prawns cutlet and the Nolen Gurer Ice Cream. Of course there is much more than this to explore.

This image makes me hungry – All my favourite food in Oh Calcutta

This image makes me hungry – All my favourite food in Oh Calcutta

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5. Bombay Salad

Whether you are a fitnerd or a nutritionista or simply trying to eat clean and healthy, this is my top stop in the city. I never really loved salad until I visited this place in Bandra. Smoothies, salads, soups and much more will keep taking you back to them. I find them very innovative and authentic in their approach. Also, their hot chocolate is the best I have ever had in the entire world and yes, I am saying this after having visited 65 countries!!!

6. Bombay Canteen

A perfect place where you can unwind, unwind and unwind some more. Located in the heart of Mumbai, Lower Parel, it’s the ‘go-to’ place for young working professionals in the vicinity to hang out after work. The place literally transforms your dreary day into a joyful soiree. The food here is fun-it’s a reinterpretation of the diverse cuisines from all parts of India. Backed up by award-winning restaurateurs and chefs, this place wins the award for ‘a fun night out spot’, hands down.

A great spread at Bombay Canteen

A great spread at Bombay Canteen

7. Butter Chicken Factory

Located across Mumbai, I can vouch that no one makes better Butter Chicken than these peeps. When I am off my food vigil, I usually head straight to BCF or simply order online. Butter Chicken also happens to be one of my favourite comfort foods ever since I was a kid. Although there are many restaurants in Mumbai who serve authentic North Indian food, for me this place is a retreat. Their Prawns fry, Dal makhani, Butter chicken and the Phirni are to die for. Makes my mouth water even while writing this. Their main outlet is in Bandra but I visit the one in Lokhandwala very often. Definitely one of the best places for dinner in Mumbai.

Butter Chicken factory and all its goodness

Butter Chicken factory and all its goodness

8. The Pantry

This clearly is one of my most favourite cosy dinner places in Mumbai. I can sit here for hours and hours, be it with a friend or solo. It’s the perfect place to have some very healthy food and it’s a great choice for all Vegans too. Whenever I am in South Mumbai, I always make it a point to drop by here.

Vegan Beetroot soup with coconut cream

Vegan Beetroot soup with coconut cream

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9. Tresind

If you are looking for Indian food with a modern twist, there is no better place than Tresind. They opened their first restaurant in Dubai followed by Kuwait & Mumbai. Impeccable service, exotic cocktails and a 10-course menu – this restaurant is all you ever dreamt of. Each course is explained to you in detail, the ingredients, how they are sourced and what it’s inspired from. The 7th course was a Bengali meal which stole my heart! Also, their Khichdi is the most unique, it’s made with 20 different ingredients from 20 different states and it’s by far the best khichdi I have ever had in any restaurant in Mumbai.

The best Khichdi ever

The best Khichdi ever

Palang tod – an unique dessert in Tresind

Palang tod – an unique dessert in Tresind

10. Taj Mahal Tea House

Ever since this place opened up in Bandra, I was super excited to visit it. This place is by the Taj Mahal tea brand of Unilever and I happened to have worked in that organisation (HUL) for 9 years! I knew I would love the place even before I walked in. But keeping my bias aside, this place is so so good! The decor, the artefacts, the tiny tea shop, the pretty corners, the food and the wide variety of tea & tea-infused drinks are absolutely excellent. Go visit it and you will definitely thank me later.

Pretty corners at Taj Mahal Tea house

Pretty corners at Taj Mahal Tea house

So, folks, that was my list of top 10 restaurants in Mumbai which are awesome not just for their ambience but are also some of the best places to eat! 

Do you think there is anything else amongst the best places to eat list that I could have missed out on? Well, do let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to add it to my list of top restaurants in Mumbai too!

Thanks for reading this. If you liked what you read, please do leave me a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the one food you will recommend to have in Mumbai?

If you are in Mumbai, you need to try Pav Bhaji and Vada-Pav, it has the essence of the city! This is delicious street food and if you haven’t tasted these two, you will never know what Mumbai’s authentic food tastes like!

How safe is the Street Food in Mumbai?

Depends on where you are buying from. Generally the vendors maintain a certain level of hygiene almost always but the rest depends on you and your stomach’s ability to have street food.

Any specifics on which areas have the best local cuisines at offer?

Go to any restaurant and ask for Konkani or Koli cuisines. These are native to Maharashtra’s coastal areas. These will be a bit spicy but you will love them!

What would be the best areas to party in Mumbai?

Bandra & South Mumbai.

If someone is in Mumbai for 2 days, which all restaurants in Mumbai should they visit?

Well well well, the ones mentioned in the blog are to die for so yes, do visit them!


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