Post-wedding a delightful start with your companion establishes the right vibe for your wedded life. A special first night is one of the most essential encounters in the existence of any individual. Picking the right objective is one of the most basic activities with regards to a vacation in India.


Favored all things considered with perplexing topographical and social variety, picking objections for a special night in India could truly turn into a monotonous undertaking. In the event that you leave the slopes up North, “God’s own Country” Kerala, with its sea shores, backwaters, Ayurveda, slopes, and regular magnificence is perhaps the best spot to go for a special night in India. Needless to say, there are so many things to do in Kerala


Cast as one of the “50 Places to Visit in a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is probably the best spot for a wedding trip in India. Set forth toward the distant horizon in the midst of the delicate lapping of water and palm-bordered tidal ponds and trenches or smell the lovely fragrance of tea and flavor estate for once in a blue moon heartfelt involvement with Kerala with a getaway to the best places in Kerala for honeymoon


The best places in Kerala for honeymoon 


Let’s check out these beautiful places that are ideal for a honeymoon and highlight what exactly makes them special! 


  • Alleppey or Alappuzha



Alleppey is one of the most mind-blowing special first night places in Kerala attributable to the astounding regular magnificence and heartfelt sea shores. Without a tiny hint of uncertainty, Alleppey is one of the top wedding trip objections in Kerala. It is likewise the most well known backwater objective particularly so assuming that you set forth from Kollam for the longest houseboat ride through the palm-bordered backwaters. The ride offers picturesque perspectives on the interlaced backwaters, tidal ponds and waterways; acquiring the name “Venice of the East”.


Experience one of the most outstanding houseboat visits in which you will have a wonderful and soothing experience to journey along the backwaters of Alleppey. The streams are bordered with long palm trees and nearby towns, even the food served in the locale is new and flavorful. Alleppey is an ideal spot for couples who want a bright and cozy evening. 


  • Munnar



While posting down the honeymoon destinations in Kerala, Munnar is one spot that can’t be missed by any means. Munnar, a staggering slope station, with ceaseless stretches of tea manors, immaculate valleys, and the mountains is one more top honeymoon destination in Kerala. One of the top slope stations in South India, Munnar is speckled with various cascades, tea and zest ranches and outlandish vegetation.

Besides, the grand view it offers is amazing. This verdant slope station is just a shelter of peacefulness. With exercises like nature strolls, moderate climbing, touring and tea visits, Munnar is one of the best places to remember for your honeymoon visit agenda in Kerala. Munnar is likewise viewed as one of the top slope stations for summer occasions in India. 


  • Wayanad





Wayanad is a hilly district situated on the southern Deccan Plateau, it has an extremely intriguing and regular allure about it. The spot is flawlessly covered with lavish green backwoods, grand valleys, and quiet lakes.


Couples who need to evaluate a touch of experience can without much of a stretch get ways of investigating the spot or can visit the neighboring towns in Wayanad to find out about their way of life and way of life. You can invest energy in relaxing with your partner in the solace of the hotel and alongside visiting the different attractions on the spot.


  • Kumarakom


Kumarakom is a popular backwater destination in Kerala, it is spread the word about more well due to the Bird Sanctuary it has along the streams. Cruising through Kumarakom is an alternate encounter by and large; you get to partake in the quietness of the ride alongside the perspective on green bordering trees, the Vembanad Lake, and brilliant extraordinary birds. The safe haven is home to various transitory birds and colorful plants as well. Kumarakom is all around kept and encompassed by gorgeous and agreeable hotels. Honeymoon couples visiting this spot will be under fine administration and friendliness.


  • Vagamon

Vagamon is another hilly site, which is great for a honeymoon trip. The vegetation of the spot is flawless; with green hills, tea domains and glades. The three hills join to make this lovely hill station of Vagamon – Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala.

The couples can leave on an excursion of serenity and unwinding here. You could in fact enjoy daring exercises like climbing, Paragliding, rock climbing, sailing and something else for an amazing honeymoon experience.


  • Bekal


Bekal is a little yet stunning town in the Kasargod region of Kerala. It is speckled with wonderful sea shores, backwaters, strongholds, and different attractions, which are amazing to invest quality energy with your partner. This spot additionally houses the biggest fortification in Kerala where you can take heartfelt pictures. The shocking environmental elements and superb fortresses make Bekal one of the top honeymoon places in Kerala 


  • Marari Beach


Not a long way from Alleppey in Kerala, Marari Beach is great for couples who are hoping to investigate the Kerala backwaters and invest energy at a detached ocean side. This is an ideal spot to laze around with your partner. While Marari Beach is serene, it frequently becomes busy on weekends and occasions. In this way, plan appropriately and have the best honeymoon experiences. 


  • Kochi


Kochi is a pleasant destination with wonderful environmental elements that offers a calming and heartfelt honeymoon. In the event that you are history buffs, a wonderful past formed over hundreds of years will enthrall you. The novel culture, way of life, masterfulness, and nearby food are the best things you can’t miss in Kochi. The magnificence of this destination gives an incredible scenery to your romantic night out. 


  • Kovalam


A pure waterfront town in the territory of Kerala, Kovalam is probably the most ideal getaway destination for a honeymoon trip. It is known for its three sickle molded shallow water and low flowing sea shores. This as well as has wonderful retreats and ayurvedic knead focuses where you can encounter a couple spa. On your honeymoon excursion, remember to search for rich flavors, wooden sculptures, and crafted works that can make famous focal points. 


  • Poovar


Poovar is a visual pleasure for couples. Likewise, it has its own beguiling allure among different spots in Kerala. It is the ideal destination to design your honeymoon trip for harmony and security. Once called ‘Pokkumoosapuram’, Poovar is a flourishing flavor exchanging port with beautiful island towns that add to your honeymoon insight. You can venture out to this destination to invest energy in curiosity, away from the hustle-clamor of the urban communities. 


  • Varkala Beach


On the off chance that you are a couple who loves to swim, surf, and plan in brilliant sands, then, at that point, bookmark Varkala Beach on a Kerala honeymoon visit. It is one of the lovely beaches in Kerala for dusks. The bluff behind the scenes is likewise an ideal spot for paragliding. Satisfy your journey for experience by enjoying parasailing, trailed by beach bouncing. The setting of Varkala Beach is exceptionally convincing as a few stylish bistros, cafés, and even ayurvedic resorts are flanked around the Varkala shoreline.


At the point when outsiders say they have visited Kerala beaches, it clearly means they are discussing Varkala Beach. Not at all like different beaches of Kerala, Varkala Beach’s travel industry pulls its areas of strength very well diento its picturesque locations and serenity. What’s more, subsequently, Indians as well as a few Israelis, Russians rush to this beach in late-spring, winter, and early rainstorms. It’s a given that vacationer places in Varkala are ideal for a honeymoon. 


  • Idukki


Foster a significant comprehension and appreciation for Kerala’s vegetation, one of the most famous heartfelt hill regions. At a rise of 1,200 m (approx.) above ocean level, Idukki is enveloped by the perfect vegetation of the Western Ghats, with an area covering 4,358 km². This hill region has the densest green foliage in Kerala. Consequently, subtle widely varied vegetation are the features of Idukki.


The Eravikulam National Park is an interesting fascination. Indeed, even the tea capital of Kerala, Munnar, is inside the Idukki area. Close by Idukki Dam, unblemished cascades enclosed by the lavish green foliage signals honeymooners to invest some energy in the midst of nature’s abundance. Assuming you are searching for one-road trip places in the Idukki region, bookmark the attractions of Munnar like Attukad Waterfall, Pothamedu


  • Edava Beach


Where will you and your significant other go to look for a unique heartfelt involvement with Kerala? We propose you visit the Northside of Varkala Beach to visit Edava Beach. Surrounded by the blue tidal pond, the setting of this beach is dazzling as serene backwaters and the ocean run equal. Thusly, the 1 kilometers stretch of street isolates the beach and the tidal pond.


  • Kumily


Situated exactly in between the Cardamom Hills of Thekkady and the Periyar National Park, Kumily is one of Kerala’s neglected rich green heavens for honeymooners. From enjoying flavor exchanging journeys to tea estates road trips, set out remarkable photographs of open doors in the sceneries of the rich green foliage. At a rise of 2,890 ft (880 m) above ocean level, the temperature is salubrious consistently.


Such is the publicity of vacationer places in Kumily that Britishers were additionally fascinated by their matchless quality in the nineteenth hundred years. At the point when you are close to Periyar National Park and Thekkady, visit Kumily to appreciate journeying and sailing open doors. 


Kerala is awaiting the presence of you and your partner to celebrate a memorable honeymoon! Now that you know the best places in Kerala for honeymoon, start making preparations for the best honeymoon that you and your partner can imagine!

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